Would you believe it? United Airlines‘ own Lynn Johnson (the Winston Wolf of the airline world) finally got in touch with me. She actually tried buying me off within two minutes of talking to me. Wait, wait… not only did United Airlines try to bribe me and shut me up with 10,000 miles, I heard a diatribe about the “United Airlines Culture Change” led by President Jeffery Smisek. This woman had no idea who she was going up against… and you can hear it in how she stumbles through her responses (i.e. the “tangible things” United Airlines is looking to improve) and awkward laughter. Oh, and the hard sell on putting the miles in my account (how quickly she found my account with my city????)…

I can only imagine her face as I first turned down the miles and secondly asked that they donate the miles to charity. Which charity should I donate my United Airlines Miles to? Let me know on the BJC Branding Facebook Page.

I had to remove the recorded conversation for legal reasons. I will be writing up a transcript of the conversation for your consideration. Stay tuned.

***The one critical mistake here: Although an offer of 10,000 miles appears generous and a nice way to say “We’re sorry,” a better way to handle this situation would have been to go through my experience and tell me you’re going to look into the inept Service Director in LAX and the horrible customer service skills presented by Mr. Sparrow in the Baggage Claims department in Logan Airport. Lesson here: if your customers are upset with you, find out why, say you’ll look into it, and make them feel like their voice was heard; don’t just throw gift certificates and money at them to make them feel better… It may just upset them more!

Jake Burns