I can’t stress how important it is to “meet” your clients. Whether it’s face to face, on the phone or through video chat, it’s important for your clients to relate an actual person with the business they are doing. If they don’t know you, how can they trust you? And if they don’t trust you, why the hell would they do business with you?


With bunch of projects running at once and not enough time in the day, it’s easy to get stuck in the email mode in a career like mine. Email is faster, easier and not as “labor intensive” as a phone call to the client. That being said, it always irks me when salespeople or account managers only communicate through email; you have a voice and a dialing finger for a reason. Take the extra step, show your clients you care, and make a call at the very least.

Today, I’m on the road meeting with clients. Always fun to experience their storefronts and see the fruits of my labor. With every project I complete for a client, I tell myself that a metric like a new Facebook fan is only as valuable as the friends they refer and the money that comes out of their wallet. In essence, my job is never really done – grow, cultivate, motivate, rinse, repeat. Marketing is a life long mountain climb for a business; and good ol’ BJC is the sherpa that will lead them to the peak (nice metaphor, eh?)

Time to see if this sherpa took the right trail over the holidays… Wish me luck!

Jake Burns