Growing up, my parents had more nicknames for me than Jimmy Carter has liver pills. “Mr. Buttons” was one of the nicknames that survived through the years. Why Mr. Buttons? It’s pretty simple, really. I was a curious kid; I loved pressing buttons and seeing what happened. If there was a button to be pressed, I was on it!

I don’t remember this story all too well, but my Dad always reminds me of our trip to Sears. My parents were in the market for some new kitchen appliances including a microwave. As my parents were talking to the salesman, they started hearing, “BEEP! Wrrrrr… BEEP! Wrrrrr… BEEP! Wrrrrr…” but paid no attention. A few seconds later, there were even more BEEPS and Wrrrr’s until it seemed like they were surrounded by what sounded like a thousand hovering spacecrafts.

The salesman screamed out, “OH NO!” as he looked around and saw absolutely every microwave in the aisle cooking up a big, heaping plate of nothing. “The circuit breaker!” he yelled as he went up and down pressing clear on what seemed like 50 microwaves.

All the while, I sat there, looking down, twiddling my thumbs and pretending not to know what was happening. My Dad looked down at me, smiled at my mother and just sighed, “Mr. Buttons strikes again.”

Every time I think of that story, I can’t help but smile. My parents, besides being extremely loving and supportive, also encouraged me to be curious and learn things for myself. If I picked up something new and amazing, they’d celebrate with me. If I really screwed up, they’d say, “What did you learn?” Either way, being Mr. Buttons was just one way that I developed into the BJC that writes for you today.

The Legend of Mr. Buttons continues… When a client asks me a question or has a need that I can’t fulfill, I’ll do my damndest to make sure they’re satisfied. Whether it involves me researching for hours to find the right answer or referring to my network of colleagues to find the right service provider for the project, Mr. Buttons is on the job. If you have a question about your online marketing, just poke “Mr. Buttons!”

Jake Burns