Ask anyone in any business, and they’ll tell you, “I spend more time working for my business than working on it.” It’s a major pain point for business owners, and that pain point is the reason BJC Branding exists!

Unfortunately, I fell pray to the same trap. Being a one man band was tough work; imagine balancing graphic design, copywriting, email marketing, social media posts, twitter conversations, web design, sales strategy, business development, and bookkeeping. I was an overwhelmed plate spinner.

I found it was much easier to spin plates when I had four hands, so I’ve brought on my good friend and one of the most talented individuals I know, Mano. Mano will be keeping those plates spinning through social media strategy, copywriting, and blogging among other services. Mano brings years of political strategy experience teamed with a quenchless thirst to learn all of the new online marketing strategies being used today by the most successful brands. Needless to say, these plates don’t have anything on us!


Now that we’ve randomly compared ourselves to talented acrobats from some Cirque du Soleil show, I’m happy to say that BJC Branding will be getting a much overdue re-branding. After all, we’re in the business of providing branding and marketing strategy, so we need to practice what we preach. Stay tuned for a whole new look, more consistent blogging, business, and branding tips, and some exciting new client spotlights!

Jake Burns