The father of evolutionary science just told you something important: You need to use Social Media. But the world of SM is a scary one (not to be confused with S&M, which is, perhaps, slightly less scary). It’s mostly uncharted terrain, it’s completely unlike the direct marketing most are used to, and one has much less control.


It’s a lot like bullfighting. Like the bull, the market is a beast; one that gyrates wildly, has an uncontrollable mind of it’s own, and, if handled improperly, will mercilessly crush you.

Thankfully, skilled Matadors have turned actual bullfighting into an art, composed of 3 stages. In the First Stage, the matador taunts the bull into running at him, evading the bull at the last minute. This is so he can study the bull’s movements; how it runs, which side it compensates, etc.

In Stage 2, he places a pike in the bull’s neck, forcing the beast to lower his head. Now, the bull sees only the Matador.

In Stage 3, the bull stampedes toward the Matador, who grabs the bull by the horns and takes control of the animal. Man now controls beast. Victory!

Somewhere in my poorly contrived metaphor, I hoped to make a point about social media. Study the beast, get it’s attention, grab it by the horns! This is more or less the approach we take.


First, we study. Not the movements of a bull, but of your market segment. What trends exist/have existed? Who is your buyer persona? What are their needs? & How do we meet them? As Sun Tzu says in The Art of War, “Know thy self. Know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”


Earn their Attention

We promise not to stab anyone with a pike (unless you’ll pay us more). That tends to be frowned upon in Social Media. Instead, you have to earn the attention of the people.

Solving problems is the best way to get someone’s attention. No one cares about how awesome you think your product is or the incredible services you offer. They just want to know how you can help them. What problem are you solving for them?

BJC will help you answer that question and communicate it to customers. When a product or service solves a real problem for a customer, not only will they continue to buy it, but they’ll recommend it to their friends.

Grab the Horns

Don’t just follow the market, lead it! You’ve established yourself as an expert. You have a platform. Say something!

Starbuck’s doesn’t just sell coffee. They’ve created a tribe around making good coffee and being good people. They use their social media efforts to communicate with their tribe and attract new members. BJC will help you harness the power of a tribe as well.

We can help your company harness the unique aspects of your product and company culture in a way that gets people to spread your messages and products for you. All simply by leveraging the various Social Media platforms in the most effective ways.

This sounds simple enough, but can get tricky at the operational level. So let us worry about the bull, while you worry about the business. Branding By The Horns!

Jake Burns