I’ve just finished reading some inspiring quotes about Email Marketing Lessons from last year’s FutureM Conference presenters. In total, Constant Contact outlined 15 Email Marketing Lessons for Small Business in their recap article. I could just retweet this link from @BJCBranding or post it up to the BJC Branding Google+ Page or Facebook Fan Page, but that wouldn’t do it justice. Instead, I’ll choose  2 of the quotes and elaborate with examples somewhat closer to home for all of us.

“Humanize your marketing whenever you can.” Marty St. George – Senior Vice President, Marketing and Commercial Strategy, JetBlue Airways

People don’t open the Constant Contact Email Marketing campaigns in their inboxes hoping to read some mechanical message written by a robot. Although it would be cool to get a message from R2D2 or Alice from the Jetsons, that’s simply not the case. We’ve already published Four Ways To Stop Spending SPAM Email in a previous post, but this goes further than subject lines or spell-checks.

Email Marketing Lesson: Your customers want to communicate with a human being!

With Constant Contact, we always ensure that our campaigns include a Custom Greeting (i.e. Hello {First Name}). Think about when you’re in a conversation and someone calls you by name; you look up right away. They have called you out, so they now have your attention. The same practice holds true with your Email campaigns. Address your reader by name, and you have their attention. As is the old adage: “It’s the small things that count.”

“Ground yourself in relationships. Make them your North Star.” Corinne J. Munchbach – Analyst, Forrester Research

Inboxes are filling up with SPAM mail from foreign diplomats and body part experts every minute. This Email Overload equates to noise in the communication process. Too much noise, and the audience can’t navigate their inbox, let alone, read your specific message. Relationships will help cut through the noise!


Email Marketing Lesson 2: Leverage relationships to build brand loyalty and drive opens & clicks!

After buttering them up by mentioning their name, you need to build a strong relationship with your readers to drive opens. A strong give and take marketing relationship will further entrench the reader in your brand and bolster their loyalty to your business. Some ideas for building a great relationship:

  1. Ask them a question or use an online poll to get them involved
  2. Share a fun, informative, or emotional quote or image and ask for their reactions to it
  3. Always thank your reader for their response to your Email (except when it’s a vacation auto-reply…)
  4. Give them something of value: share some tips, advice, or other helpful content that will lead to their success in some way
  5. Keep them wanting more. Give them nuggets of truth or wisdom, but leave them salivating for more of your expertise in your next installment. Surefire way to drive opens on your next campaign.

We have plenty  more where this came from. Stay tuned for more Email Marketing Lessons on the BJC Branding Bullhorn Blog.

Jake Burns