Identifying The 10 Best Email Subject Lines

The Method

Now, we explore the 10 Best Email Subject Lines. These Email Subject Lines were taken from more than 40 million Emails sent out through MailChimp, an Email Marketing service provider. MailChimp singled out the Email Subject Lines with the highest open rates. The following list of the Best Email Subject Lines enjoyed open rates between 60% to 87%. Although they are not the sexiest Email Subject Lines, we list them out and explain why they were successful in the inbox.

The 10 Best Email Subject Lines

  1. [COMPANYNAME] Sales & Marketing Newsletter
  2. Eye on the [COMPANYNAME] Update (Oct 31 – Nov 4)
  3. [COMPANYNAME] Jan/Feb 2013 Newsletter
  4. [COMPANYNAME] Newsletter – February 2013
  5. Happy Holidays from [COMPANYNAME]
  6. Invitation from [COMPANYNAME]
  7. March 2013 Newsletter
  8. [COMPANYNAME]: Spring Update
  9. Upcoming Events at [COMPANYNAME]
  10. [COMPANYNAME] and [COMPANYNAME] Invites You

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Observations on the Best Email Subject Lines

The Best Email Subject Lines are pretty straightforward, right? They don’t oversell; they don’t push; they don’t seem like they’re coming from a total slime ball. In fact, they are pretty boring. Boring is not exactly any marketer’s goal, but in this case, it got the recipients to open the Email.

Do you notice any themes between the Best Email Subject Lines? Nine out of ten of them include the Company Name. Your From name already clues your audience into the identity of their sender, but including your company name in the Email Subject Line also helps Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others to identify you as a more credible sender. If you’re more credible, then these ISPs will allow you into their inboxes more often.

Moreover, the 10 Best Email Subject Lines described the subject of the email. Most Emails contain company news and updates, and almost all of the 10 Best Email Subject Lines alluded to that. To write the Best Email Subject Line is to set your subscribers’ expectations properly within five to seven words.

Now, MailChimp did find some more creative Email Subject Lines in their research that still enjoyed a high open rate. MailChimp recommends that you, “Don’t confuse newsletters with promotions. If your email is a newsletter, put the name and issue of the newsletter in your subject line. Because that’s what’s inside. If your email is a special promotion, say so in the subject line.”

Don’t take this post to mean that your Emails have to be vanilla and blah! Not by any means! In fact, play around, change the subject lines, send out split-test campaigns to your Email list. Don’t know how to do that? Don’t have the time? We can always help set up your Email Marketing strategy.

If you walk away from this post with nothing else, we remind you: When it comes to Email Marketing, the Best Email Subject Lines tell what’s inside.

Jake Burns