By Germano Silveira

Pinterest boasts 2.2 million daily active users and incites 10% more purchases than any other social media.  Those buyers spend more money, more often, and on more products than any other social site.  If you sell a visual product of any kind, you need to be on Pinterest, yesterday!

But in order to effectively leverage Pinterest, you must first understand the basics of building a community, engaging your followers, and directing them to your products.  Rather than providing an impractical list, BJC has boiled it down to 3 key principles: strategize, engage, and integrate!

Pinterest is a visual medium that allows you to tell stories and communicate information via
images.  Random doesn’t work on Pinterest.  You will be much more effective if you define your goals and plan a strategy to achieve them before pinning your first image.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the overall purpose of my Pinterest page?
  • And, what is the purpose of each board?

Answering those questions will make your account infinitely more effective.  Boards can be used to increase traffic, promote a specific product, tell a story, or complete a number of other business objectives.

With Pinterest, you must entertain as well as inform, inspire, and sell products.  However, only 1/5 of your images should be devoted to brand-centric promotion. (i.e products).  The other 80% should consist of images that entertain and educate, while still relating to your business enough to influence your audience.

Collect metrics on your Pinterest account to see what works and what doesn’t.  You should have a system in place for regularly reviewing metrics & applying that information to your Pins.



As with all Social Media efforts, the name of the game is engagement.  Be sure to organize individual pins so that they get the most engagement.   Every Pin should relate to the rest in the board and tell one unified story.  Think about the different stories relevant to your brand & products.  How can you tell them with images?

As westerners, we perceive images from left to right and top to bottom.  Boards located at the top-left to the center of your Pinterest page get the most views/clicks.  Place your most important/popular/relevant boards in this area to ensure they generate the most traffic.

Be sure to use the appropriate keywords in the description so your Pins/Boards can be found easily.  Descriptions can also be used to attract attention or elicit an action.  Be sure to include live links in the pins to direct your traffic to the proper location.

Don’t just lead; follow.  Engaging with other Pinners is the best way to build your following.  Visit similar pages and interact with them frequently.  Like pages, boards, and pins and you’ll likely receive some back.  Repin images and yours may get repinned.  Following other pages makes them more likely to Follow you.   Be genuine in your interactions and they will likely be reciprocated.



Integration is a huge part of all social media.

Your product may be incredible, but no one will buy it if they can’t easily find it.  Integration also allows you to connect all of your social sites so that you can share fans between each and grow your entire network.  Integrating Pinterest into all of your accounts will increase traffic and boost sales!

Make your brand pin friendly:

  • Install Pin button on all of your social sites.
  • Include Pin friendly images on every page and blog post so fans can share your work.
  • Post pins about things that your company offers.
  • Include Calls To Action in your pins to increase click through rate.

Pinterest exploded onto the Social Media scene and made its mark.  Taking proper advantage of this social medium will greatly benefit your company, especially (as the data shows) your bottom line!


Jake Burns