SEO Delivers Highest ROI

We just read on that SEO and Email Marketing deliver the highest ROI of all marketing investments. The article presents great data and a beaming response for both marketing services. Take a look at these stats:

Of 1,300 respondents to the Email Marketing Industry Census 201332% of the respondents consider that SEO brings an “excellent” ROI, while 43% rated it as “good”. 22% of the marketers queried for this study consider email marketing to deliver “excellent” ROI, and 44% think this channel delivers “good” ROI. Finally, 19% of the interviewed marketers consider paid search delivers “excellent” ROI and 40% of them consider PPC brings “good” ROI. (

This is where we need to emphasize that a high ROI is linked to a high quality of service! Have you ever heard the term “GIGO:” Garbage In, Garbage Out?!? The same rings true with SEO and Email Marketing. Anyone can throw together a blog post or an Email Marketing campaign, but as a business owner, you need to ask yourself:

We provide SEO and Content Marketing / Blogging services to many of our clients. One client that has experienced extraordinary growth is, an online retailer of Keurig Brewers and K-Cups. We write articles on coffee news, coffee and your health, and Keurig K-Cup reviews. Here’s an excerpt from the Cape Cod Coffee Blog:

From – K Cup Espresso Recipes – Three Dark Magic Winners

“Magic Mocha Madness”

Chocolate Strawberry

“Brew 3 Dark Magic K cups in a large mug. Add 3 Tablespoons of powdered cocoa and 3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.

This is a sinful recipe. It’s depth of flavor and thick creamy richness make it irresistible. Split this into two cups for an extra large treat for you and a guest! If you are a true Mocha Lover, mix this hot and pour over ice and drink it alone. (read more at the link above)”

As you can see, we don’t “keyword stuff” our content or simply repeat the same lines over again in hopes that Google will catch it. Our team puts a great deal of thought and strategy into each post to ensure that we’re writing what the audience wants and what Google requires.

Email Marketing Delivers Second Highest ROI


We also read how Email Marketing delivers some of the highest ROI. The graph to the right demonstrates how digital marketers consider Email Marketing to deliver the second highest ROI of any marketing investment. We provide Constant Contact Email Marketing services to nearly 50 clients, and we walk the client through each step of detailing their Email Marketing strategy.

A great example of a successful Email Marketing campaign is from our client Walpole Outdoors. We write the Email copy for each article we publish through Walpole Outdoor’s Constant Contact account. Our goal is to drive subscribers to specific pages on Walpole’s website: be it a product page, an explanation of a larger build/construction service, or a contact form. In this example article, we begin to introduce gardening tips to engage the reader and excite them about the upcoming warm months:

Tips for Raised Garden Beds
Raised garden beds are great for vegetables and plants, as they make good use of space, can be tended from a path, and the soil warms faster in the spring. Almost any plant or vegetable can be raised in a raised bed. Here are a few tips for a healthy garden:

  • Be aware of the sunlight your bed will get and choose plants accordingly. Vegetables need more sunlight generally. Impatiens and begonias do well in shade.
  • Don’t crowd plants too closely together, as they will need space to grow. Also be sure you can reach them from the side.
  • Water, water, water! These beds need more water than in inground bed; we suggest using soaker hoses or drip irrigation.
  • Be sure to add mulch after you’ve planted, as it will hold in moisture for the roots, prevent soil erosion and keep the weeds out. Take care not to place too much too close to the base of your plants.
  • Happy planting and enjoy yourself! Do you have pictures of your own raised beds? Share them with us!

BJC Branding focuses in SEO / Content Marketing and Email Marketing services. We are a Gold Level Constant Contact Accredited Partner and a Local Email Expert working with numerous small businesses to build and manage their Email Marketing strategy. Working with so many campaigns, we implement best practices we’ve learned along the way. For an idea on how we can develop your Email Marketing strategy, please contact us!

Jake Burns