Are There Benefits of Facebook Graph Search?

Previously in the BJC Branding Bullhorn Blog, we explored Facebook Graph Search Vs. You. Now, Facebook has finally rolled out Graph Search to the public. For those of you who can’t get enough of reading through your friends’ posts and wasting hours scrolling and clicking, Facebook Graph Search will make your life even easier! In the words of Facebook:

Graph Search results are personalized for you, just like News Feed is unique to you. For example, if you search for Photos of Tokyo, you’ll see photos friends took in Tokyo and shared with you, as well as Public photos related to Tokyo.

This means if 2 people search “Photos of my friends in Tokyo,” they’re going to see different results.

Lest you forget, Facebook records everything you do. Whether you like it or not, every time you log on, you’re being monitored. Every like, share, comment, and click is recorded in Facebook’s gigantic database (It’s the price you pay to be connected.) Through Facebook Graph Search, Facebook is essentially connecting the data dots for you.

Benefits of Facebook Graph Search

Now that you know a little more about the technology, here are 7 Benefits of Facebook Graph Search:

  1. The world now revolves around you: Whereas Google dictates what is relevant to your search, Facebook Graph Search is your own personal, relative, and relevant search tool. Everything you search for is in some way connected to you or the people you know.
  2. Create that long overdue collage: Have you ever found yourself clicking through hundreds of photos to find that one special shot of you and your bestie? Now you can finally find ALL the photos with both yourself and your friend(s) tagged all in one place.
  3. Always have something to talk about: It is now much easier to find people with common interests, whether old friends or new acquaintances. You can search by interests, places visited, and more.
  4. Stroll down memory lane: Look back at all of the photos you’ve ever liked one one page. Great way to spend time while the boss is in a meeting.
  5. Get recommendations: Are you traveling? Taking a client out to lunch? A very important part of social media is the idea of reviews and testimonials from your friends and people you know. Yes, there is Yelp and Google+, but now, when you search for local restaurants or businesses near you, you’ll be able to see (1) if your friends have been there and (2) what they thought of the place through a Facebook review. As a side note, Yelp’s CFO Rob Krolik told Reuters, “We are actually happy to partner with Facebook (for Graph Search) if that’s something that they’re interested in.” You can read the full article on AllFacebook.
  6. Ads will finally make sense: In the past, Facebook allowed marketers like us to target users like you based on what you wrote in your status updates and what pages you liked. Over the past two years, we’ve come a long way, and now we are able to serve you more appropriate ads that are relevant to you. As Brett Farmiloe of Markitors.com explains in a recent Mashable article:

    Before Social Graph, our “executive ad” would have targeted people who had the job title “founder.” With Social Graph, we can see that “founders” on Facebook don’t often fit the profile of “executives.” So instead of targeting “founders” and “CEOs,” we can target different terms that match the executives we want to reach. This enables our dollars to be better spent on the conversions we want to see.
  7. Find That Special Someone: When I first started using Facebook at the University of Oregon back in 2004, I was all about finding the single ladies on campus. Not only could I check out their photos, but I knew their relationship status! All I had left to do was figure out what we could talk about…Now Facebook Graph Search helps you find single men or women in your area that enjoy going to the theater or drinking beer while watching the Boston Bruins play for the Stanley Cup! I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook spins off its own dating portal like Match.com or Eharmony.com in the coming months.

Now that you know at least 7 Benefits of Facebook Graph Search, what will you do with it? What other benefits of Facebook Graph Search do you anticipate? Let us know in the comments!

Jake Burns