Pinterest Etiquette

Are you new to Pinterest?

Are you having fun but holding back because you’re unsure of the general etiquette of the site? Unlike other social media sites that have high user interaction, often you are unaware you’ve crossed the line until you’ve lost followers.

Here’s a simple list of basic common sense guidelines most pinners adhere to. They are sure to keep you on the good side of your followers!

5 Basic Rules of Pinning

  1. Never post more than five pins at a time to a group board. You are more likely to annoy pinners with flooding, than attract them. After five pins to a board, expect to be blocked or reported.
  2. Keep your boards neat. Always make sure the right pins go on the right board. Off topic pins are another way to lose followers fast.
  3. Remember to comment when you pin from a website. People like knowing they are following a person with similar interests. Not stating why you liked the image or link will reduce the responses, repins and likes you get.
  4. Follow boards, not people. This reduces “clutter” in your feed. It also saves you time. If you follow an individual, you will automatically be enrolled on all of their future boards as well.
  5. Make sure your pins link to the original site that posted it. Businesses don’t mind if you use their image so long as pinners can link back to them if they enjoy their message, product, or graphic.

Remember moderation when in doubt. It’s better to be cautious. Above and beyond all, never give someone a negative impression of you.

Happy Pinning!

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Jake Burns