So You Want To Create Perfect Email Subject Lines?


Sadly, creating PERFECT EMAIL SUBJECT LINES is nearly impossible. Perfect Email subject lines are like Unicorns – magical, breathtaking, attention-grabbing, yet no one has ever seen them. Think of it like this: if everyone could write the perfect Email subject line, then all subject lines would be equally perfect, which means they’d all be equally ineffective.

Although we lack the key to writing the perfect Email subject line, we have brainstormed, researched, and discussed the matter thoroughly. We may not be able to write the perfect Email subject line, but we can sure strive for it. Here are five helpful hints to strive toward perfect Email subject lines:

  1. Use meaningful keywords. One word subject lines like “Feedback” do not indicate what the feedback is about. Instead, you should consider including “We Need Your Feedback” or “Can We Have Your Feedback?” (Courtesy of Hampshire College)
  2. Keep it short and sweet. Try to keep your Email subject lines to 35 characters or less. It’s difficult to limit yourself, but it helps get the message across efficiently and effectively. (Courtesy of Email Monks)
  3. Consider Smartphone & Tablet users. Smartphones and Tablets allow for limited viewing of Email subject lines, so try to make the first three words “high impact” and relevant to your readers. Grab their attention. (Courtesy of Informz)
  4. Play to your audience. Remember that your audience may not share the same sensibilities as you possess. Don’t necessarily choose subject lines that appeal to you, instead keep the greater good in mind. (Courtesy of DJ Waldow)
  5. Take advantage of time. Use timely topics on everyone’s minds; people love their news. Emphasize a sense of urgency occasionally to point out deadlines or drive limited-time sales. (Courtesy of Oli Gardner)

With those tips in mind, we want to revisit our previous article on the 10 Best Email Subject Lines. First, we review the method of collecting these nearly perfect Email subject lines, then we will re-list them for you.

The Method

Now, we explore the 10 Best Email Subject Lines. These Email Subject Lines were taken from more than 40 million Emails sent out through MailChimp, an Email Marketing service provider. MailChimp singled out the Email Subject Lines with the highest open rates. The following list of the Best Email Subject Lines enjoyed open rates between 60% to 87%. Although they are not the sexiest Email Subject Lines, they get the job done.

The 10 Best Email Subject Lines

  1. [COMPANYNAME] Sales & Marketing Newsletter
  2. Eye on the [COMPANYNAME] Update (Oct 31 – Nov 4)
  3. [COMPANYNAME] Jan/Feb 2013 Newsletter
  4. [COMPANYNAME] Newsletter – February 2013
  5. Happy Holidays from [COMPANYNAME]
  6. Invitation from [COMPANYNAME]
  7. March 2013 Newsletter
  8. [COMPANYNAME]: Spring Update
  9. Upcoming Events at [COMPANYNAME]
  10. [COMPANYNAME] and [COMPANYNAME] Invites You

You read it yourself: these Email subject lines enjoy between 60% and 87% open rates. Are any of these close to being perfect Email subject lines? What do you think about them? Tell us in the comments.

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Jake Burns