Changing Your Feed Stream In Google Plus

Networking within Google Plus requires that you maximize the size of your audience while maintaining the ability to view their posts selectively.

I’m not suggesting that you turn the blinders on to the majority of your connections. I am, however, suggesting that Google plus is built to ensure that information flows in an outward direction FROM the people that have it to the people that need it. The easy exchange of relevant information is the hallmark of Google, and Google plus does not fail to represent the brand.

To participate effectively in the outward flow of information you need to see posts from the more experienced members of your community. You can’t share what you don’t see.

Newer community members will need to get a few +1’s from the “establishment” of their profession. This helps build author relevance and lets Google know you’d like to see more on a specific topic or more of your preferred level of quality material.

You also need to be open to adding newer community members to your circles and communities. The rules of karma apply to Google plus and other social media more than most other places in life. The rule of thumb is to keep your community happy by interacting with them, sharing material with them as well as liking and sharing their material, and keeping them satiated with the quality content they expect of you. Reward your community and the community shall reward you.

Google Plus is known for developing professional networks. In the emerging world, this skill is quickly becoming a necessity.

Learn How To Optimize Your Stream: +1 Activity Updates In The Stream

Follow the link above to find detailed instructions on the following actions:

Control Volume Of Activity Updates In Your Stream

  • Mute An Activity Update
  • Adjust The Volume Of Your Circles (link to creating circles if you need that resource as well)

Control Who Sees Your +1 Activity Updates In Their Streams

  • On PC/Laptop
  • On Android
  • On iOS

Other Topics

  • Review +1s
  • Remove/Delete +1s

Create A Professional Network On Google Plus

  • Create Professional Google Circles
  • Segment Members Into Appropriate Circles (after your first 20 or so adds, Google will make suggestions)
  • Use The Technical Instructions From Google To Create A Positive Flow Of Information
  • Participate In/Help Grow The Online Communities Of Your Profession

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