Businesses rely more and more on Facebook as a way to communicate with their clients and customers. In the quickly developing world of online competition within the social media environment it is more important than ever to make sure that you are not inadvertently chasing off potential business opportunities.

Once you are removed from someone’s news feed your work is minimized. You can never reach them again until they are motivated to change that setting. If they can’t see you it’s unlikely to happen.

Here is a simple list of things to keep in mind when interacting with your followers to insure you stay in their feed.

  • Know your followers and don’t offend their sensibilities. Every page and business has a different following. What some consider edgy others consider offensive. Be honest about who you serve and what they prefer to read and see.
  • Don’t overwhelm followers with batch dumps of multiple posts.
  • Have a regular posting habit and stick to it. If your followers expect to hear from you and don’t they will even visit your page to see what they missed.
  • Remember to read your comments and respond when questions are asked.
  • Respect your page. People may disagree or have concerns. This is not a reason to block a follower, it is an opportunity to discuss your product or service, There are others thinking the same thing as the one that complains, but prefer to not be confrontational.
  • Remember that your page one of your virtual store fronts. If someone is acting abusive or offensive you need to respect your community and take action of some sort. If it’s a chronic abuser, feel free to bann them. You are protecting a community, not silencing a problem.
  • Be an example of the behavior you hope your followers exhibit. They will follow any example you set.

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