Pinterest group board management essentials quickly give you the advantage

By now everyone has heard of the huge benefits of Pinterest group boards. Here is quick list of why they are so effective.

Pinterest Group Board Benefits

  • Group boards generate more interest in topics by investing individual contributors in the board. People read what others are pinning, tend to comment more on pins, and check back often when a pin gets comments, likes and shares. Your engagement numbers soar.
  • Every contributor home board carries the group board. Your followers see each other’s pins. Three degrees of separation still carries great value for your efforts as a result.
  • The board is exposed to more people and you are more likely to get followers. These factors can exponentially increase your page impressions.
  • People are more likely to trust a group of people than one person. In many ways, each member is a vote of confidence for the board, it’s topic and its founder. This interprets into higher CTR on the webpage listed and verified on the Pinterest home board view. You DID verify your page, right?
  • Only the most dedicated pinners tend to accept invites to group boards. This leads to a greater user competency level and in turn,a higher value of individual interactions. These folks are the true believers on Pinterest.
  • Most of them will personally have more followers than most business boards. These more experienced eyes garners higher quality pins in less time. They know what people like to see on topic.

The last item on the list above is an important value add. It relies on effective board management. You can quickly get spammers who make you lose followers and credibility if are not attentive.

Group Board Management Essentials

  • Send invites out once a week.
  • Clean up your pending invites list. If they haven’t agreed within a week, they are either a casual user, or they are simply not interested.
  • Avoid “private curators”. IF you are looking for “experts” to contribute to your board and you find a page or board with MANY pins but few followers, it’s likely that this person uses Pinterest as a personal online file system. While these Pinterest users make great followers for your boards, they may feel that an invite is invasive. That’s a quick way to lose a fan and prolific repinner.
  • Ask contributors to be aware of Pinterest Etiquette. We have a great article on the topic if you need to read up on it.
  • Read through your board daily to make sure you don’t have spammers, off topic pins or a pin that may be a breach of Pinterest’s ToS.
  • Click through one of the pins of each pinner on occasion to make sure they aren’t linking back to a phishing site.
  • Pin one or two value content pins to the boards daily to the verified page of the managing board. Be honest.
  • Avoid being invasive or spammy by pinning too much of your site volume . Most avid Pinterest users are sophisticated enough to understand you are asking for consideration, not hard selling them. IF the value is there, it’s fine. You need either content OR quality image for these. There are no shortcuts here. If you don’t have unique quality content, it’s best that you find other content to pin from non competitive businesses that have on topic content.

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