IS your social media presence serving you well?

Gone are the days when a customer would call to ask what services you offered or what products you had in stock. How an employee grooms him or herself has been replaced by how visually appealing your website is. The customers’ first online impression now decides how potential patrons quantify the quality of your business.

How well spoken and versed an employee appears has been replaced with trust of a regularly maintained social media presence.

Your social media presence amplifies your digital brand and provides your leadership voice within your industry. Social media was once considered a novelty and subset of sales opportunities. Now thanks to smart phones a customer can google a product, view top names, quickly check social media venues for company strength and voice, make a choice, and make a call or place an order. This can take less than three minutes. People can even check to see which of their friends likes your business or product on the internet before they decide to trust you with their phone number, email address or card information.

If you look and sound authentic and trustworthy you will get the sale or the call.

Your professional online grooming habits are now more important to customers than what clothes your employees wear.

Forbes recently reported that More Than Half Of Us Have Smartphones:

Two separate surveys confirmed that smartphone penetration has not only passed half of all mobile subscribers, but has gone well beyond 50% of all adult Americans for the first time. The Pew Research Center places the figure at 56%, up from just 35% two years ago while noting the number of adults with no cell phone at all has fallen by half in that time, to just 9%.

In the day and age of smart phones, Facebook and Pinterest, customers expect businesses to answer their questions without being present. The consumer’s ability to search for answers is only as practical as your business’s online presence allows it to be. As the computer age evolves into the new era, it has become just as important to have a regularly updated Facebook page as an e-commerce site. Customers want to see that you not only know the information, but also want to see that you mind your shop on a regular basis.

Simply put, if your Facebook page has not had a post on the same date that a customer checks it, chances are they will think you are either unaware that you ought to mind your shop, that you have stale info, or that you are an absentee manager. None of these perceptions are good for your business to have.

While auditing a discussion of online consumers a few basic online behaviors emerged.

  • If a business hasn’t updated their page that week, it shouldn’t be trusted.
  • If a business hasn’t updated their page that day, they need a bit of further investigation to insure they are trustworthy.
  • If the Social media page or website first found doesn’t offer any cross platform verification, they ought not be trusted. That means you need a Facebook page, and either twitter or Pinterest to offer verification, as well as your primary website.
  • Your social media presences need to be appropriate for the product or service you sell. A few examples? A restaurant needs a copy menu and a visual representation. A maid service needs copy to ensure they are aware of cleaning standards and testimonials, and a landscaping firm needs social media that is rich in visual content.

There is NO one size fits all social media strategy

Now there are so many diverse platforms offering information in so many diverse ways each industry requires unique considerations. If you sell nuts and bolts, putting pictures of them on line will only get you so far. A customer needs durability specifications and they need input from other customers. Reputation management for service based clients is quickly becoming a sink or swim proposition. Quality control of yesterday has been replaced by product reviews, and just a few unanswered bad reviews can cost a company thousands of dollars daily.

Understanding customer perceptions is key. It is  valuable to not only be searchable in a smart phone environment, but also be well represented by positive current content.

Your patron’s phone is a personal computer. They can call in one keystroke now not seven. But with that speed of access comes speed of first impression.

Google yourself and your business.

If you don’t like what you see it’s time to make a change.

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