Facebook and OpenTable have signed a deal to install an app into Facebook Mobile platform allowing facebook members to reserve tables at their favorite restaurants from their smart phones.

OpenTable already boasts over 20,000 members in all fifty states as well as other nations globally. The expanded platform will bring the Dot Com reservation ability into the Facebook mobile app environment.

Forbes had this to say on the deal :

The move places Facebook more in competition with Yelp, which also has an integration with OpenTable for reservations. If Facebook could build out more reviews or signals to indicate which of your friends “Liked” a particular restaurant, that could be a real competitor to Yelp.

Yelp recently announced a deal of it’s own with ReachLocal according to venture beat:

ReachLocal provides online marketing tools for local businesses. The public company added ReachCommerce to its suite of solutions earlier this year to help small and medium businesses move all their operations online, including scheduling, booking, email confirmations, tracking of technician arrival, digital estimates, and payments. ReachLocal will power home service bookings on Yelp at the end of this year, and ReachCommerce users will have the exclusive ability to integrate booking into their Yelp profiles automatically.

These quickly developing inbound marketing opportunities reflect a public more comfortable with privacy concerns within social media.

It also highlights the need for regular Facebook page management and offers branding officers the opportunity to place direct calls to action for burgeoning small businesses that are still developing Internet and online presences. Since this service is offered only on Facebook’s mobile app, it’s unlikely that more traditional restaurant home sites will be supplanted.

Placing this kind of power in the hands of social media pages, however, also allows direct monetization of facebook in ways not before seen within a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.

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