It is with great pleasure that I share this amazing news with you: Tremendous Maid has been awarded Boston Magazine’s “Best of 2013″ for Best House Cleaner!
Our team is extremely proud of this achievement! You have inspired us to be the best of Boston. We are passionate about great service and this award encourages us to push the limits higher and higher.
Victoria Amador
From Boston Magazine:
Few things are more intimate than hiring someone to clean your home. Tremendous Maid, thankfully, is all business: Fill out an Internet request form with your square footage and home layout, and you’ll quickly hear back about scheduling options. The actual cleaning was both impressive and a bit guilt-inducing, as the team scrubbed items we willfully ignore: baseboards, toaster oven, mini blinds. By the time they were done, our house was as pristine as the day it was built.

From Walpole Outdoors:

Like a paneled fence along a property line, a lattice structure can add the same dimensions of height which can then be the centerpiece of a surrounding planted garden.
This custom privacy lattice structure  (top right) is a great example. Using three lattice panels with four posts that are then topped by a custom pergola, we see a green garden sculpture emerge. A delightful garden fountain complements these beautiful custom lattice panels. They sit snugly within the curving wall and encourage greenery, adding further color to the setting. These elegant yard structures also promote backyard birding, making your home space infinitely more enjoyable.
There are multiple benefits of using latticework structures.
Here are just a few :
  • Brings partial shade to an area
  • Provides framework for vining plants
  • Attracts birds for backyard birding and birdsong
  • Can liven up a large stretch of flat yard with visual height and surrounding gardens
Lattice panels, when installed on walled structures, can also be used as effective privacy screens for pool areas and garden nooks on larger properties. Using a lattice structure instead of a surrounding fence can provide a more open space while still feeling cozy and intimate.
Our Custom Verde Lattice design(second right) is a great example. Sturdy horizontal/vertical lattice panels with arched openings are topped by a handsome trellis. These combine with shrubbery and climbing plants to create a natural private setting.
Posts can be used to build similar smaller structures within your front and back yard. A lamp post or a mailbox post can provide a tall dimensional anchor.  The minor addition of a post can dynamically change the visual appeal of a small garden.
The St. Andrews Mail Post  sits at the end of a drive near a curb.
Providing effective height and garden opportunities in an otherwise flat and boring area drastically improves curb appeal.
Adding fixtures such as lamps and bird houses to already existing fence posts also make an average fence that covers a long expanse of property borders more interesting and attractive.
Jake Burns