Facebook quietly added linked professional skills to member profiles. So quietly, in fact, that few even noticed it occurred. When asked about the update, Facebook was slow to respond.

Mashable recently published an article stating….

When a user clicks on one of the linked professional skills, they’re taken to a new page that shows existing friends with similar interest in that skill as well as related pages, groups and a listing of new people the user might know who have expressed an interest in that professional skill. Perhaps more importantly, tagging a profile with a list of professional skills instantly makes that user’s profile easier to discover for employers looking for a particular kind of new hire.

As of December 2012, twenty percent of all adults online in the USA were members of LinkedIn, and in April Forbes reported

Launched in May 2003, LinkedIn’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last decade. In January, it hit a staggering 200 million users–massive growth when we consider it held just 22 million five years ago, and one million just a year after launch.

LinkedIn shows no signs of slowing down.

Just a few months ago, reports began emerging that while Facebook remains the powerhouse of personal social media networking, it has been losing ground to professional platforms and sales platforms.

These changes may be helpful for hiring and human resources, but it’s clear that they will be an even more important tool for closing sales online.

A host of adjustments to the Facebook platform have begun emerging this last month that reflect the needs of the global smart phone society.

Facebook is once again regaining it’s competitive edge. Customers and clients can quickly test the trust worthiness of a business with one or two clicks or taps.

Knowing a Facebook friends professional specialties is key to understanding which referrals are important. Having a reference from a consumer is great. Getting a positive review from a specialist is golden.

Finding personal references via social media is still the prime way to verify trust. If your business does not have a functional, current and well maintained Facebook page It’s likely you are losing business. Organizations that take time to consider and connect new business prospects with happy customers who have already used products and services always win the sale. A great example of how vital this process can be for business need only consider platforms similar to Four Square and Yelp.

Facebook is regaining any lost ground as the primary social platform that draws both business AND private users, a feature few other social media sites have. While Pinterest does well with attracting both clients and businesses it is more suited for products and services that need a strong visual representation to close a sale.

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