Let’s face it: when someone unsubscribes from our Email List, we take it personally. After all, we’re putting in our time to send something of value to our audience. Whether we’re promoting an exclusive sale or informing them of new, relevant information, we work hard, dang it, and we deserve to be read!

Unfortunately, our readers don’t necessarily see it that way. It’s always sad to see your Email list shrink, but losing subscribers is just another part of Email marketing. Over time, subscribers will opt-out of your Email campaigns for many different reasons; they don’t need your products anymore, they are doing business with someone else, or they simply don’t like getting so many Emails in their inbox. While you can’t prevent people from opting out of your Emails (that would be illegal and just plain mean) you can take steps to make them want to continue opening and clicking.

Give them options: Sometimes your subscribers will get frustrated if they feel you are sending out too many Emails that don’t interest them. Instead of only providing an opt-in or opt-out option, give them a third choice: to opt-down. Readers can opt-down (or manage their subscription preferences) by choosing specific lists (or interests). By adding this additional option you will retain some of those readers you otherwise would have lost. They will still be included in your list but will receive fewer, more relevant Emails from your business. A win-win for everyone!

Change your template: If you are losing subscribers, then you need to take a good look at your Email design. Over 65% of subscribers cannot view images by default, so if most or all of your Email is an embedded image, you’re alienating the majority of your list. If people can’t see your message, then why do they want to subscribe?

Be sure to incorporate both text and images (usually 1 paragraph of text for every image.) Having a good mix will ensure the recipient sees your message, then manually loads your images.

Bonus Tip: When inserting images into your Constant Contact Email campaign, you always want to write an image description, as this is the first thing readers will see if the images do not load by default.


Create more options: To keep everyone happy, allow your customers to subscribe to the types of Emails they want to receive. You could break it down by categories of your products, promotions, monthly newsletters and more. Giving the customer the power of choice can make them want to stick around.

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Jake Burns