I saw a fake dating video on my friend’s Facebook page, and I felt the need to dig a little deeper into the psyche of those that actually plaster their faces on public dating videos. (*Note: If anyone has Comcast, you can view so many more of these gems at Dating OnDemand)

Besides the whole idea of entertaining everyone, I really wanted to post videos like this to show you how important self-branding really is. The Golden Rule is to Be Your Brand. Fact of the matter is that people aren’t buying your product, service or business for that matter, they’re buying YOU. If you aren’t branding yourself properly, you run the risk of losing a boatload of business.

Take, for example, today’s suitor, UsedID: DogMen. Beautiful, baggy camo/golfing sweater with a black dress shirt collar popping through. He’s already woo’d me with his appearance (and trust me… appearance means a whole lot!) Then he opens his mouth… DogMen could use some help with talking points. He doesn’t even know what his brand stands for. Listen and observe…

Great opening pitch: “…Who would like me for what I am for…Pause…Because I have sensitive feelings…Pause…I can get my heart broken easily.”

Let me relate this to a business dealing:

Salesperson: “Hi, I want to sell this used crap to you (awkward pause as he/she wipes sweat from forehead) but a lot of people have returned this junk over the past few months (wipes hands on pants) so buy my product or else I’ll lose my job.” You can see how the desperation comes through in the wording, and I bet you cringed…

Yes, video interviews are hard, but every interaction should be considered an interview. Your next client could be someone you bump into on the street, and if you’re not equipped with what your brand stands for, then you’re already three steps behind the game. To grow your business, you’ve gotta know your business. Case in point, don’t be a DogMen.

More Dating OnDemand Debauchery to come in the following weeks…