Detailed Program Benefits

Straight Line Sales Training

We’ll show you the magic bullet to closing more prospects and clients on all the services and products you have to offer. This step-by-step system will empower you with the skills and strategies of persuasion, making you a true marketing force to be reckoned with. 

Opportunity to Sell Great Services

Have you ever had a client ask for a service that you can’t provide or don't have the time to handle? Isn’t it the worst to say “No” when they literally want to give you more money? By partnering with BJC Branding, you’ll gain access to our premium marketing services and vetted network of digital marketing professionals ready to help you service your client’s needs.


Your Clients Remain Your Clients

We pride ourselves on our integrity. We’ve helped grow many of our partners’ businesses in a true symbiotic relationship. You’ve worked hard to grow your client database, and our team respects that. We will never market or promote services to your clients unless you ask us to do so.

Flexibility Around Your Business

They say that the best kind of money is the money made while you sleep. We don’t know who “they” are, but we agree 100%. Partner with BJC Branding and focus on your core vision while we take care of service fulfillment. You get paid, we get paid, and the client receives the quality service they deserve.